HTML Elements

HTML elements consists of a start tag (opening tag) and end tag (closing tag). For example:

<p>content here</p>

Here <p> element shows a paragraph, which has a start tag <p> and end tag </p>. From start tag to end tag everything is html elements.

Nested HTML Elements

In Nested HTML element is grant to put inside one HTML element to another HTML element. Like as:-
<p>Content <i>Here</i></p>


HTML tags are around the content. Some tags are:

Tags Discription
<!–…–> Describes a comment
<!DOCTYPE> Describes the document type
<a> Describes a hyperlink
<body> Describes the document’s body
<br> Describes a single line break
<button> Describes a clickable button
<canvas> Making graphics via script
<code> Describes computer code
<div> Describes a section in a document
<form> Describes a form for user input
<fieldset> Describes a fieldset
<footer> Describes a footer for a document or section
<h1> to <h6> Describes headings in HTML document
<head> Describes information about the document
<header> Describes a header for a document or section
<html> Describes an html document
<i> Describes for italic text
<iframe> Describes an inline frame
<img> Describes an image
<input> Describes an input field
<label> Describes a label for an <input> element
<li> Describes a list item