HTML Block and Inline Elements

HTML elements are devided into two group: block-level elements and inline elements, for the purpose of designing a web page.

Block Level Elements

A block level element begins on new line and takes up the full width of a section (area). Some block level elements are:

<address> <article> <aside> <blockquote> <canvas>
<div> <dl> <dt> <fieldset> <figcaption>
<figure> <footer> <form> <h1>-<h6> <header>
<hr> <li> <main> <nav> <noscript>
<ol> <output> <p> <pre> <section>
<table> <tfoot> <ul> <video> <dd>
Inline Elements

Inline elements start within a line and does not start with a new line. Some inline elements are:

<a> <abbr> <acronym> <b> <big>
<br> <button> <cite> <code> <em>
<i> <img> <input> <label> <map>
<object> <q> <samp> <script> <select>
<small> <span> <strong> <sub> <sup>
<textarea> <time> <tt> <var>